Indispensable role of the theme park

Theme parks attempt to create an atmosphere of another place and time. The concept of themes is crucial to the operation of the parks. Rides, architecture, landscape entertainment, costumed personnel and food services are used to create several different environments. These themes are used to create and sustain the feeling of life involvement in a setting which is completely removed from daily experience.

The socio-cultural environment of theme parks

The impact of theme park operations can bring both benefits and problems to the local society and its cultural patterns. There will be contact between residents and visitors in the theme park since residents and visitors in the park have different traditional cultural pattern.

Also, it can cause over-crowding of facilities and transportation, over-commercialization, misunderstandings and conflicts between residents and visitors due to the differences in languages, customs and values. For instance, Ocean Park is too crowded during holidays which lead to road congestion. However, tourism may improve the living standards and help improving the community facilities and services there.


The psychically environment of theme parks

The environmental impacts of theme parks are mostly negative. There may be visual pollution problem like unattractive structures or buildings. Besides, space required for building a theme park is large and thus normally require the destruction of some natural environment like the 200 hectares of Hong Kong Disneyland from land reclamation. Air, light, water and noise pollution, congestion and land use incompatibility are also problems that should bring to attention. For example, Hong Kong Disneyland Fireworks cause air, noise and light pollution. To deal with these problems, it is a must to have a detail theme park planning like the carrying capacities and the use of saturation levels of the area after understanding theme park surroundings.


The transportation of the theme parks

Transportation system is important for theme parks as it can make theme parks physically accessible to potential visitors and thus attract more visitors entering the theme park. Some theme parks can also leads to the building of a new public transport system to meet the demand of visitors. Like the Disneyland Resort line that is specially designed for Hong Kong Disneyland.

In some sizable theme park, it is essential to have transportation services within destinations and attractions like Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad. It may be an attraction or a special event to visitors which can bring them enjoyment while using it.


Health Benefits of visiting theme parks

Walk miles without realizing it

Most of the theme parks are large in size and do not offer lots of benches inside the park, so this requires visitors to walk around the park to enjoy different kinds of entertainment. This will help burning around 500 to 1000 calories.

Relieve stress

According to clinical psychologist Judy Kurianski, high-tempo rides can generate “good fear”. No matter how many plummeting drops, heart-stopping twists and nauseatingly sharp turns thrill rides have, brains always perceive them as safe and predictable.  Thus, riding them becomes therapeutic especially as people scream out their anxieties.

Improve mood

Intense adrenaline rush after riding roller coasters will make people feel excited and happy. The higher the altitude, the more endorphins are released on the descent. The boost of endorphin increases alertness and makes you more energized. Theme part is actually a great place for people to escape from their busy and stressful life especially for people in Hong Kong.

Tones the muscles

Hundred-foot drops and sharp turns can make muscles tight as people will anticipate the turns and drops. Therefore, riding a roller coaster is like working out in the gym that helps tone the muscles.

Fosters bonding time with family and friends

Spending time in theme parks with friends, family and loved ones can get away from normal daily life and can ensure everybody is having fun there which can also create memories. Theme parks also offer people the opportunities to know people when you go there with groups of friends who are not so close because casual and fun environments make it easier for people to strike up a conversation.



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