Different types of clubs and theme parks

Theme parks 

1. Hong Kong Wetland Park1.5.5.3-Hong-Kong-Wetland-Park_03b.jpg

The park is a world class ecotourism attraction, located in the northern of Tin Shui Wai. It aims to promote green tourism and education on environmental protection as well as conservation of the wetland area. Visitors can enjoy the biodiversity in the park as the park is the home of 20 different species of fish, 23 species of reptiles, 9 species of amphibians, 11 species of mammals.

2. Hong Kong Global Geopark


The park is made up of eight Geo-Areas distributed across the Sai Kung Volcanic Rock Region and Northeast New Territories Sedimentary Rock Region. With the objectives of conservation, education and sustainable development in both the geo-areas and the neighborhood areas of the geopark.

3. Noah’s Park


Located in Ma Wan, next to the Tsing Ma Bridge.

It is a religious theme park operated by serval Christian organizations, with a theme: love of life, family, the Earth and positive values. The world’s first full-size simulation of Noah’s Ark with a full size replica of Noah’s Ark and  life-sized sculptures of exotic animals that follow details of the Bible story.

4. Hong Kong Disneyland

images (2).jpg

Hong Kong Disneyland aims to provide a magical experience to guests. It offer numbers of themed areas and entertainment including:

  • Main street USA, Fantasy Land, Adventure land, Pirate land, Tomorrow land, Toy Story Land, Grizzly Gulch and Mystic Point
  • Parade and  fireworks are available everyday 3 pm and 8 pm respectively.

images (3)


5. Ocean Park


Ocean Park has opened for more than 30 years, apart from providing entertainment, the park also hosts exhibits to serves as an education center.

It has 2 major attraction areas: Waterfront & the Summit.

For examples in The Waterfront :

  • Giant Pandas (An-An, Jia-Jia, Ying-Ying, Le-Le)

download (1)

  • Grand Aquarium showing over 5000 fishes and 400 species such as
    • Sharks
    • Sting rays
    • Guitar fish
    • Sea turtles
    • Huge devil fish


Whereas in the Summit:

  • Sea Jelly Spectacular

Displays over 1000 jellyfish from all over the world, in combination with the special effects of light, music and multimedia content

images (4)

  • Sea Dreams in Ocean Theater

The hottest shows of the Ocean Park, 4 sections per day (11:30 am, 2:00 pm, 3:30 pm 5:30 pm)


Visitor can enjoy the amusement rides and facilities in the park, like Trill Mountains, The Dragon, Mine Train and The Abyss Turbo Drop.

1110204Hong Kong, China.



  1. The Country Club at Hong Lok Yuen


The Country Club at Hong Lok Yuen provides a wide range of activities, sports and recreation facilities including:

  • Swimming pools, tennis courts, squash courts, a comprehensive fitness center, golf putting, petanque, table tennis, pool tables and children’s indoor playground
  • The club also provides excellent cuisines, which makes it  ideal for hosting formal and informal dinner gatherings.

It includes different types of membership:   Ordinary Membership, Corporate Membership, Annual Membership, Senior Membership, Adult Supplementary Membership, Dining Membership (by invitation only) and Member’s Accounts

2. Yau Yat Chuen Garden City Club


A non-profit making organization managed by a committee of well-respected local businessmen. Recreational, Food & Beverage and other facilities are provided.

3. South China Athletic Association


South China Athletic Association is a non profit-making sports organisation that  committed to promoting sports.

  • Sports facilities like: Artificial Turf Pitch, Billiards, Bowling Center, Boxing Room, Dance Room, Fencing Room, Golf Driving Range, Grass Pitch, Gym and Fitness Center, Indoor Shooting Range, Judo Dojo, Karate Dojo, Sports Hall, Swimming Pool, Table Tennis Room, Tennis Center and Yoga Room


4. QP Affiliate Club by HKICPA

The QP Affiliate Club by HKICPA aims to foster closer links and to provide opportunities to exchange views between the Institute and students of tertiary institutions.  Its target members are primarily accounting and business undergraduate and post-graduate university students.


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