Trends and news about development of gaming entertainment industry

Online gambling

More and more people are playing social games that would involve social interaction with other people in the games[1]. But at the same time, there are more and more gambling online social games, e.g. free-play casino and poker games[2]. And in this year (2015), there is trend that the casinos would like to open its sites that would allow the players in the online social games to earn club points with free play[3]. The reason behind this, is allowing the casinos to build customers’ engagement and at the same time they could find out the customers’ behavior by using the online databases[4]. Moreover, it could be a marketing channel for the land-based casinos. For example, the players could use the points that they have earned to have meals or free stay in the land-based casinos. It definitely could boost the revenue in the casinos.

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Free games without any registration



Mobile games and payments are getting popular. The amount of the bets which are bought through mobile devices would be around $100 billion by 2018[6]. Therefore, casinos may need to set up a mobile version for buying bets and a mobile-friendly webpage so that they could maintain competitive among the players in the industry.


The new generation

The next generation will like to have a more comprehensive experience and they would not be satisfied with the slot games, table games or dining options[7]. For example, they may like the 3D interaction as they would find it interesting and it could increase their satisfaction[8].

Also, restaurants, hotels and spas services needed to be packaged together in different ways so that the customers feel that they are important to the casino and their satisfaction would be higher[9]. The new generation emphasizes experience a lot and they would not satisfy with the products only.

Therefore, the casinos might need to think of different ways to attract the new generation to gamble.




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