Successful Strategies of Operating Gaming Entertainment

Nowadays, more and more casinos are allowed to operate in different countries. In Hong Kong, Hong Kong government had been investigating the possibility for constructing a casino in the future. As competition becomes keener than before, different casinos formulate different strategies in order to operate gaming entertainment facilities in a more effective way and attract more high rollers.

1. Build a more tourist attractions near/ inside the casino

In this day and age, casino operations not only focus on gambling activities, but also concentrate on some managed services in order to attract more gamblers all over the world. The transformation of the casino from only focus on betting to a full-service casino makes them more competitive. A notable example is Venetian Macao, which is a resort which comprises of casino, shopping mall and kid’s zone, movie watching area. They try to build an attraction inside to attract the guests. If you are not interested in betting or you are prohibited from entering casino, you can walk around and spend money outside the casino.


The Venetian Hotel and Casino in Macau

  • Entertainment: World class live show/ concert

         Alicia Keysalicia-keys-480

  • Casino: features over 3,400 slot machines and 800 gambling tablesTHE_VENETIAN_MACAO_RESORT_HOTEL
  • Amenities facility: 6-meter-high multi-climbing facility in kid’s zone

Parents can leave their kid in a safe environment while they enjoy other activities


  • Shopping mall: diverse range of Luxury Duty-Free stores

1431236824_4f4e3af5272. Shuttle-bus service

When you leave Macau-ferry terminal, at first glance you can see many shuttle bus are parking near the terminal. Most of the shuttle buses are usually arranged by the casino. Why do the casinos provide such type of service? It is because it can attract guests to go to casino. According to my own experience, once you get off the shuttle bus and arrive the casino, you are not allowed to leave immediately. Instead, you can’t find any exit without walking by gaming tables. If you place a bet while you are finding an exit, the aim of arranging a shuttle bus is achieved. If you place a bet, it means that casino have a chance to win over Complimentary services

Since casino not only provides free shuttle services, but also offers some complimentary services to the potential guests. Like free drink, coupons, betting coupons and some gift/ souvenirs to low end player. An example is in Casino Lisboa. In the past couple of years, Mr. Ho promised to give a 叉燒飯to every guest, no matter you placed a bet or not. Also, casino will distribute $20 betting coupons to every guest so that people can grasp this opportunity to enjoy betting. It may trigger further betting so that casino can enjoy profit. For high rollers, they usually receive lavish comps from the casino like free private jet transfer and free accommodation.


Hotel Okura _Deluxe Room

4. Targeted more to China market

Gambling for money in China is illegal with the exception at Macau. In recent years, china has become one of the superpower in terms of economic structure. Many Chinese visitors started to travel around the world. Last year, since Xi Jiang Ping came to the power, Chinese has enjoyed less in gambling activities. However, the Chinese market is still very large. In order to make itself to be a competitive casino, many casinos started to recruit some university graduates, who are proficient in Putonghua, to be a dealer. With no communication gap, Chinese visitors can have a happy ambiance and make more bet. In return, casino can earn more.


Venetian Macao, from‎


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