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The Wheel of Fortune is a popular casino game played widely in Las Vegas, Canada and the Bahamas. It has been classic in the US, especially in Las Vegas for quite some time now. It is said that it would be quite odd not hearing the spinning of a wheel when entering a casino.

The Wheel of Fortune actually has many different versions. However, I shall explain the frequently used and classic one. To be frank, the Wheel of Fortune is a game that is intensely fun, however at the same time, it can make one run out of money very quickly and the person may not even realize it, as the game is simply too addicting. The factor that each player is looking for is the chance to get the “Big Spin”. The “Big Spin” is where a player is able to collect big money based on their luck.


The above photo is an example of what the Wheel of Fortune game actually looks like. It’s a slot machine game, where players insert money, bid their amount and roll the slot part of the machine to see how many pairs they can accumulate. Based on the results from the spin, they can either gain the bided amount or lose it.

What motivates them to keep going, even though they’ve lost a lot of money through the small bids, is the chance to get a big spin, as they feel more secured that they could actually win a lot more once they get the chance.  The big spin, is what is located at the top of the machine, from the picture above. There are very rare chances of losing a big spin, only the option of getting a low price is available.

Came from the TV Show Wheel of Fortune, where the biggest highlight and excitement there is the wheel as well. The game show however focuses on guessing words and letters and based on the wheel, they get money for their correct guesses. Thus, a similar concept is applied for the Casinos.

Personally, I found this game quite interesting because I used to watch the game show when I was younger but didn’t know that there was actually a casino version for it too. Also, playing the online version of it while working on this project made me see how addicting it could actually get, especially after you’ve had your first big spin already.


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