Updates on service features

In the following, I would like to make some updates and express my ideas on the unique features of services.

  • Challenge to please guest and client



Hotels and restaurants are increasing putting emphasis on the millennial customer segment. For those who are staying or having their meals, most of the time, are on official trips, hence less concerned about having a very unique hospitality experience. Meanwhile, the millennial group are the most happening segment for the hospitality industry right now, and is believed to be a potential batch of customers behind all the innovative trends in service. Because of this, with an aim to satisfy the millennial group, there is a growing trend of having innovative hotel lobby, bars as well as restaurant designs.

  • Guests are captive clientele (they may not have an alternate dining option)

Having a captive clientele means there is no need to give out good service? The answer is an absolute no! In one of the hotel reviews website, there is a commenter left a bad guest review about the bad quality of service. He believed one reason is that as the hotel is a big player dominating that area, and consumers have no choice but to stay that hotel. Not afraid of losing the consumers, the hotel has no intention to renovate its halls and rooms, also improving the management practice for years.

  • Food service is not the primary business

service customer


At the end of the day, customers are the ones who consume the food and the final standard for evaluating service quality. Hence, companies tend to stress on the fundamental principle of hospitality, which is to create guest loyalty. When you go to restaurants review websites, you can also find comments on how they are satisfied or unsatisfied and whether they will go there again next time.

  • Produce food in large quantity (e.g. batch cooking)

Advanced preparation of food in large portion can certainly help a company save cost, but a precise forecasting is needed. Weeks ago my friends and I went to restaurant and tried it. But unfortunately we were disappointed. The taste of food was acceptable. However, they were cold inside and chewy. The staff confessed with the restaurant practice that they tend to prepare the food early and re-heat them in microwave when customers order. After knowing this, my friends and I had a consensus – never go to that restaurant again!

  • Reflection

In an attempt to keep customers and to expand the existing customer base, it is of paramount importance that companies should take the above factors into consideration when serving customers.



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