Field Trip in Hong Kong Disneyland

Disneyland Field Trip

On 29 October, we had a field trip visiting Disneyland Resort and the theme Park.


This article is going to talk about our experience and some exposures on running Disneyland after the field trip of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and the theme park.

Learning area

We have learnt in the lecture by saying that Disney’s high standard of guest services has achieved much international acclaim. Besides, we have learnt many theories in the lecture about how to create Moment of Truth to different guests. But in what ways can we achieve it? This is the purpose of this field trip. We have found that “Disney’s Hospitality in Practice” scheme provides an invaluable insights to us and opportunity to get familiar with the hotel industry.

Disneyland is a place which is full of dream and fantasy. In the trip, we discovered that many secrets that we would never know if we had not participated in this field trip. For example:

(1)   There is a pineapple shadow near the entrance of Hong Kong Disneyland theme park.

(2)   They will use “entertainer” to describe staffs instead of service providers.

(3)   There are some magic words which can enhance communication with different types of guests, for example, sorry to keep you waiting…

(4)   There is a name card near each building which indicates who is the architect of that building

Below it, there are some important quality standards and some service guideline which can lead Disney to become the most wonderful place in the world.

4 Disneyland Quality Standards and Examples

Disney adopt its Disney Quality Standards in their operation. The Disney Quality Standards include four elements – safety, courtesy, show and efficiency. Disney believes that efficiency can be achieved automatically when the other three elements are achieved.

Disney wiki

1. Safety

This element is the number one priority for the Disney Resort. They are all responsible for the safety of the guests and the cast members.


  • Skid-proof floor

Floor slip resistance measurement is employed Disney. It ensures the safety of the floor and reduce the probabilities of slip.

Photo 29-10-2015 上午10 33 12

  • Bed rail

Bed rail is installed in the hotel rooms in Disney Resort. As the main type of customers of Disney Resort is family with children, the bed rail can prevent the children from falling from bed and getting hurt.

Photo 29-10-2015 上午11 00 59

2. Courtesy

Disney recognize the diverse nature of their guests, respecting, appreciating and valuing everyone and acknowledging the importance of every guest as an individual. Also, they are polite to the guests.


  • Waiting area for the children

There is a waiting area with small chairs and television near the front desk of Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. This area is mainly for the children to wait for their parents during check-in or check-out. Disney care about every guest, so they set up this waiting area for children and prevent them from getting bored during the waiting time.

Photo 29-10-2015 上午10 47 18

  • Facilities for disabled people

In order to serve disabled guests, accessible reception and service counters are employed in the Disney Resort. Also, ramps are installed in different areas of Disney Resort for the disabled people to access steps easily.



3. Show

Disney aim to deliver flawless and professional presentations every day. They put on a lot of Disney elements in their decoration and naming.

Photo 29-10-2015 上午10 39 41


  • Hidden Mickey

There are many Mickey pattern hidden in the decoration of Disney Resort, including the carpet, wall painting etc.

Photo 29-10-2015 上午11 05 26gg

Photo2 29-10-2015 上午10 31 52

Besides, Disney aim to maintain a clean, neat and organized work location. Therefore, we can see many cleaning helpers are working in the theme park and cleaning frequently.

4. Efficiency

Disney work together as a team and keep lines of communication open. They aim at providing good and safety service as fast as they can in order to fulfill the requirements and eliminate the waiting time of their guests.


  • Provide supplement to the guests in a short time

If the guest requires for an extra pillow or blanket, the housekeeping staff in Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel will deliver the items required to the particular room within 10 minutes.

Based on these four elements, Disney can serve their guests successfully and achieve international acclaim in their high standard of guest service.

7 Service Guidelines

  1.   Make eye contact and smile at every guest
  2.   Greet and welcome each guest
  3.   Be approachable with friendly tone of voice and body language
  4.   Have fun and interact with guests
  5.   Anticipate Guests’ needs and proactively offer assistance
  6.   Going above and beyond to make every interaction a magical moment
  7.   Sincerely thank for Guess’ visit and welcome their next visit


Disneyland field trip let us know many thing. Operating an integrated resort is not an easy thing. What drives Disney differentiate to other competitors is that their brilliant service culture. We gain an invaluable sights into the uniqueness of Disney Guest Services and acquire a better understanding about the operation and management of an integrated resort.


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