Updated trends of restaurant operation

100% delivery and takeaway services

Due to customer having busy life schedules, more and more restaurant chooses to operate as 100% delivery and takeaway restaurant or have branches that do so. Unlike traditional restaurant, this kind of restaurant does not offer tables and service1   s for dine-in customers. They only take delivery and takeaway orders.


To customer:

–      Save times, avoiding long queues and high congestion compared to dining out

–      Does not have to handle food preparation.

To restaurant:

–      Can focus on Food preparing and Delivery, minimize the time and cost spend on serving dine-in customers.

–      Reduce the conflict and accident happen when handling both takeaway and stay order.

–      Size of the restaurant can be drastically reduced

–       Location of the restaurant is now a less important factor as high man-flow is not required for 100% delivery and takeaway restaurant. Hence rental cost can be reduced.

Limited time offer


Limited time offer, or LTOs, are “special” food and drink items which timed to coincide with a holiday or season. Nowadays LTOs are becoming popular among different restaurant to drive sales.

–      The Sense of immediacy is forced. Customer feels pressure to take advantage before it’s too late. The desire to avoid missing out can stimulate sales strongly.

–      Sense of tradition. Consuming the “special” food and drinks makes customer feels like the Holiday or festival has arrived.


–      Cost and time in researching and developing new food and drinks, which only last for a short period of time.

Computerized queuing system


Increasing number of restaurant is implementing computerized queuing system. Customer who got the queuing ticket from the restaurant can now check their queuing status via mobile apps. They also received calls or notification when the queuing is almost over.


To Customer

–      Simplify the workflow of queuing and reduce the waiting time

–      Easier to acquire information about queuing statues

–      Guests can allocate their time for shopping & dinning precisely

To Restaurants

–      Easier to handle the table arrangement & queuing during the peak hour

–      Optimize the table utilization rate

–       Enhance the quality of services of restaurants

Centralized queuing system in Hysan Place 

Hysan Place provides a centralized reservation system server, interfacing to the individual restaurant outlet table booking application system. More than 11 restaurants are included in this centralized queuing system.



  1. Choose to go restaurant directly or approach the customer service counter which is on the 2/F of shopping mall to get queuing ticket.
  2. After that, they will be able to check out all the restaurants queuing status from the TV screen with real time update
    – screen next to the reception counter
    – screen next to the escalator of each floor
    – screen in front of the restaurants
  3. As a result guests can check the status anytime anywhere in the mall and save the time for queuing, with more leisure time to stroll and do their shopping around.



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