Classification of restaurants

Independent Restaurants

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Wah Fai Restaurant and Cake Shop, Tai Po

The restaurant provides typical cha chaan teng food to customer.

Chain Restaurants

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Jika Udon – under the Taste of Japan Group

It provides Japanese food, especially udon to customer.

Fine Dining



Pierre, Mandarin Oriental

Pierre is a two-Michelin starred restaurant, diners can experience outstanding modern French cuisine in a stunning environment.

Theme Restaurant


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Gudetama Café, APM Kwun Tong

The setting in the Café are all about the character Gudetama. Foods are specially made to match with the character.

Celebrity Restaurant

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Jamie’s Italian

Jamie’s Italian is a collection of high street restaurants run by a famous Chef Jamie Oliver, currently it have 2 restaurants in Hong Kong. As the name suggests, it provides tasty Italian food.

Steak Houses

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The STEAK HOUSE winebar + grill, Tsim Sha Tsui

Its target customers are meat lovers, it serve the guest with prime cuts of the world’s finest meat, seared to perfection on Hong Kong’s only charcoal grill.

Ethnic Restaurants
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Jashan Celebrating Indian Cuisine, Central

In Jashan Celebrating Indian Cuisine, both design and food reveals the Indian feature.

Quick-Service/Fast-Food Restaurants

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Café de Coral, Fairwood and Maxim’s MX are some of the common fast food restaurants in Hong Kong


It is interesting to know Hong Kong has high diversity and variety type of restaurants, and different types of restaurants has it own target customers and followers.


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