Functions and responsibilities of F&B operations

  1. Stewarding Department

Stewarding department is in charge of all dining operations, its responsibilities are critical to key to a good foodservice operation and performance of other departments. It needs to make sure supplies, equipment and banquet meals would get to their destinations on time. The followings are some of their duties.

 Inventory Control

Steward will take stock of kitchen items and places orders to replenish the ones that are broken or lost, it is to ensure there is enough inventory to meet demand [1].


Maintaining the cleanliness of back of house and glassware, dishware, silverware, china and cutlery are adhere to the standards.

  1. Catering Department

Event Coordination

Catering services are provide both onsite and offsite exhibitions and events. Clients are given with wide range of selection including Buffet Breakfast, Coffee Break, Roll-in Lunch and Cocktail Reception. [2]

To successfully carry out the event, the staff in catering department have to place high level of control and monitoring effort, like the tables, chairs, linens and logistics arrangement. Catering department will tailor menu, room setups and audio visual needs to clients’ specifications (also known as Catering/Banquet Event Order) to ensure all details of the event are executed as the client wishes.



  1. In room dinning

In-room dining service is available 24 hours a day, offering a wide selection of breakfast, a la carte and late dining selections. It provides maximum comfort and all the necessities to make the guests experience exceptional services, for example a romantic dinner.

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  1. Kitchen

The kitchen is responsible for turning the raw material into different dishes to satisfy the customers’ needs [3].

Executive chefs would be responsible for oversee the kitchen’s operation and they need to design the menu, placing orders for food and beverages and train the staff in the kitchen (e.g. cook and people who are preparing food) [4].

Sous chefs are working under executive chefs and they would be responsible for serval tasks, e.g. reporting to the executive chefs, supervising the cooks, preparing meals and running the kitchen if the executive chefs are not available [5].

Most of the executive chefs need to work for 12 hours per day as they need to make sure the food is available in the early morning by overseeing the delivery of the food and they may need to prepare some special items of the menu during the afternoon period [6].

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  1. Food Operations

Restaurant managers would be responsible for doing job interview, recruiting staff and firing them, training employees, scheduling and being the middleman to solve the conflicts between staff [7]. Also, they need to satisfy the needs of the customers by coordinating the tasks of kitchen and dining room and they need to follow up after the customers complain about the service of the restaurant, e.g. the speed of providing dishes, staff’s attitude, etc [8].

Usually the executive chefs would be responsible for the supply of the food and make sure the food is available for the operation of the kitchen while the restaurant managers may need to monitor the food costs and may need to adjust the price of food items on the menu[9].

Apart from this, the manager may need to keep tracking of the changes of the law (e.g. health, labour and safety regulation)[10].

  1. Bars

Bar managers would be responsible for all the activities of the bars and have the ability to adjust the manpower to meet the demand [11]. Moreover, they need to ensure there is enough inventory and they have to keep tracking of the sales of different drinks [12].

Also, they need to make sure the bar is clean enough by scheduling staff to clean the things in the bars, e.g. utensils, glasses and tables [13].


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