Food waste problem

According to Feeding Hong Kong (2014), it stated that the amount of food waste problem produced by the hospitality industry alone has doubled in the last 5 years. In Hong Kong, our city landfills are at bursting point and many poor people cannot have enough food to eat every day. It seems that food waste problem in hotel industry cannot be ignored. We have to find some way to improve this situation.

Way 1: Sent the uneaten food to staff canteen

Traditional, food in staff canteen and restaurant are purchased from different department. It is quite normal for the hotel outlet to order more food in order to deal with the sudden issue. Also, the quality of food in restaurant is much higher than staff canteen. They will throw the uneaten food away when not so much people come to patronize it. It is a WASTAGE. Why don’t send the food to staff canteen? On one hand, staff can enjoy higher quality of good in order to enhance their self-belonging to hotel. On the other hand, it can reduce the food wastage.

Way 2: Donate food to charity organization and needy

Uneaten food can be sent to some charity organization in order to help some needy. In Hong Kong, it is not suitable because hotel group are not well protected by laws and regulations. But in foreign countries, hotels are being protected. People who suffer from the food virus cannot file the lawsuit to that hotel after eating those food. Hong Kong can learn a lesson from foreign countries to avoid the food wastage problem becoming more severe.


Food Waste in HK. (2015). Food Waste in HK- Feeding Hong Kong. Retrieved by 16 OCT, 2015, from


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