Recent Trends on Operating Rooms Division

Diversity and Inclusion of workforce

Workplace diversity is being appreciated in the hotel industry. Employ people from all walks of life and nationalities can bring positive influences to the stakeholders.

Diversity and Inclusion are one of the Hyatt Hotel’s vision, since the early 2000s, Hyatt has been focused on these initiatives during their recruitment process[1]. Recruiting and promoting people solely based on their suitability but not their race and gender. It provide equal opportunities and fair working environment for staff, and thus staff feel valued.

 Service automation
Increasing amount of guests prefer to interact with hotel staff through technology rather than picking up the phone. For example, the Hyatt Union Square New York offers three check-in options for guests: an iPad check-in with a staff member called Gallery Host, a self-serve check-in kiosk and a traditional front desk. About 40% of guests at the hotel select the iPad option[2].

Marriott Hotel in the United State launched a test in 31 hotels that will allow remote check-in[3]. Hotels send messages to guests 24 hours ahead of arrival asking for their planned check-in time, and the hotel answers back to let them know when their rooms will be ready.


Increase use of technology

Reservations are usually made online, 85% of the last minute hotel booking are through internet[4]. Internet enable the guests to compare the hotel room night price themselves easily. With comparison tools, guests can enjoy bargain purchase to get the best rate and time, popular travel metasearch engine like Trivago compares prices for over 730,700 hotels.


Go green elements

Nowadays, many hotels would have a lot of go green elements as they could save costs.

– Saving water

Using low-flow showerheads and faucets could help the hotels to save water[5]. Apart from this, a California General Manager (GM) got a reward as it could reduce its water usage by 2 million gallons in 1 year after it fired the chef who would a large amount of water to defrost food[6]. Moreover, the guests would have an option to change the linens every other day[7].


Water saving[8]

-Room keys

Nowadays, hotels would use the room key made of paper, wood bioplastic instead of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is not environmental produced but these new room keys still could be as durable as the PVC room keys[9].

Green buildings

Green building is a new trend for the hotels as it could save energy used. Using green roofs could save energy and the selection of sites in which public transportation is available[10]. The use of glass could help the hotels to save energy and provide daylight[11].


The Parkside Hotel & Spa[12]

For more information, please go to


Essence by VingCard reduce the hardware of the doors by using Near Field Communication (NFC) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFI) locking technology and it could save the operation costs, e.g. installation and maintenance of locks[13].


VingCard Essence[14]

For more details, please visit and

Diversity of customers

There is an increase of female business travelers and it is a good opportunity to attract these customers. According to the research conducted in Malaysia, safety and location of the hotels are the top decision criteria[15]. The hotels could make use of these data to have different strategies to serve female business travelers.

Special arrangement for disabled people

According to the article, the demand of the disabled people in the hotel industry is not that small[16]. There is also a list of the hotels that provide different service to the disabled people, e.g.


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