Functionality of EMS, PMS, CAS and GDS, CRS

PMS (Property Management System)
The Property Management System is actually a centric model that allows a wide array of systems to connect together into one.

A PMS can provide some Basic Functions: which are;
–       permits the reservation from guests
–       permits guests to check-in/register when they arrive and check-out/pay when they leave.
–       Enables the hotels facilities to be maintained by the staff (e.g. room status, inspection, status…etc)
–       Interface with other systems (e.g. Global Distribution System and Point of Sale)
–       Ability to manage accounts of guests financial transactions
–       Ability to track guests engagement in different activities for future sales efforts (can be useful for CRM & CRS),
–       Some can even change bedding configurations

Based, on the functionalities of a PMS, hotels also have the responsibility to choose the best PMS system that can suit their hotel.  For example, having an integrated revenue management system included can effectively help seasonal hotels allocate a different price range…etc. very efficiently.

Basically, using a PMS in the most efficient and effective way possible can help a hotel allocate their employees in a more efficient manner, providing good revenue to the company and a more stable flow of reservations.


EMS (can be referred to as Energy Management System and Environment Management System)

The EMS is formed to show their dedication and concerns to the environment and also to move towards a more sustainable future. Hotels plan out in what aspects they would help conserve the environment and then build a management system to track and manage their strategy.

An EMS’s Basic Functionality includes;
–       Control the energy used
–       Optimize and lower energy consumption
–       Plan for future reductions based on the collected data
–       Purchase accurate equipment to help support EMS, e.g. the card system in hotels, where once you leave all the lights go off, or even the infrared motion system.

Example of EMS:                   


CAS (Call Accounting Systems)

CAS is a system that tracks telephone usage. The purpose is to assign costs to all telephone usage within the hotel. It usually consists of hardware and software servers to document both inbound and outbound calls. And cost are calculated based on various factors including length of the call, long or short distance…etc.

Example of Call Accounting Software:




Global distribution systems

The global distribution systems enable automated transactions between booking agents and third parties to provide travel-related services to the end consumers. This service includes airline, hotel, car rental, and attraction bookings.

The difference between GDS and computer reservations system is, instead of just one reservations system, GDS enabled travel agency to make reservation on various reservations systems.


Central reservation system(CRS)

CRS has two main functions,

  1.     Central data depository
  2.     Booking engine.

It is used to stores and distributes information and conduct transactions related to hotel, resort, or other lodging facilities. CRS is owned by a single vendor. If the system’s operation include booking and selling for multiple vendors (more than one CRS), it is called a Global Distribution System (GDS).


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