Different Hotel Departments And Their Functions

Front desk:

It is the hub or nerve center of the hotel. Its functions include:

  • Greet the guests
  • Handle guest check-in or check-out
  • Sell and up-sell rooms
  • Maintain balanced guest accounts
  • Offer services such as handling mail, faxes, messages, and local and hotel information.


It is usually a back-of-the-house department. Its functions include:

  • Handle reservation requests and esquires
  • Determinate room and rate availability
  • Process, accept/reject and record reservations
  • Confirm and maintain reservation records
  • Operate and update the guest history
  • Prepare reservation reports


It is usually a part of the front office. Its functions include:

  • Maintain the financial transaction records take place at front desk
  • Collect money from guests for all the fees incurred during their stay
  • Prepare and settle resident guest accounts
  • Check and ensure all charges are added to specific guest account


It usually exists in luxury hotels only. Its functions include:

  • Handle guest needs
  • Provide the guests the information about local and recreational facilities
  • Assists guests with restaurant reservations, directions, tickets to shows, etc.


It is the largest department in a hotel in terms of people. Its functions include:

  • Clean and service the guest rooms and public areas
  • Deliver and retrieve items on loan to guests
  • Replenish amenities according to the operational standards
  • Check the guest rooms when guest check-out and report any damage and consumption in the rooms


It is a department under housekeeping department in a hotel. Its functions include:

  • Manage the linen supply, including towels, bed sheet, tablecloths
  • Provide guest laundry service, such as wet cleaning, dry cleaning and pressing
  • Manage and allocate staff uniform


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