Sustainability as the guiding principle

In the past decade, there is a growing awareness over the sustainability issue. Sustainability in hospitality industry is about meeting guests’ current desires without sacrificing the desires of future generations. A number of hotels recognized the importance of running the business in a sustainable way. Hotels embrace and incorporate different measures to achieve this goal. If you want to know more about the practices adopted by the hotels, then keeping reading.

Common Practices

  • Lighting

Installing more efficient light bulbs is a common tactic, replacing incandescent light fixtures with compact fluorescents could save the hotel a lot in energy costs.


  • Total Energy Management

Total Energy Management is a popular tool for hotels to monitor the energy usage. In Mayton Inn, which is located in North Carolina, United States, each guest room has a fully integrated energy management system. The thermostat has an infrared sensor that will detect when the room is occupied. There is also a sensor on the door. If a guest leaves the room, and the infrared sensor doesn’t detect any remaining people, after 30 minutes the power will be shut off. [1]

  • Waste Management

Langham Hotels strive to limit the waste, it adopts different measures in different country to tackle respective issues. In Hong Kong, food wastage is one of the biggest concern among other activities. The hotels use the 3Rs principle in the food waste handling.

“Reduce wastage,

Reuse in some other area or donate to charities,

or lastly Recycle through composting.”

The hotel forms a partnership with Green LUCK Banquet, to donate leftover food from events to charities. [2]

螢幕擷取畫面 (5)

The Langham Hotels in Ningbo, China also take green initiatives in the guest amenities.The guests are given the option of newspapers in print or digital versions. Guests can use an iPad from the Front Office to read different newspapers and magazine.

  • Water Saving

Summit Hotel work on various efforts to make the hotel more environmentally friendly, one of its measure is the rainwater harvesting system. This system operates by collecting water from roofs, storing it in an underground tank and pumping it up to a feeder tank. An on-demand pump is used to supply water from the rainwater tank to wherever there is a demand for the water.

The system can provide water to replace up to 50% of mains supply for non-potable water use; Toilets, washing machines and garden watering can all use water from the rainwater system. The system will reduce the water needs by 10-15% and therefore allow the hotel to cut its water purchases. [3]


Green Restaurant

Apart from these hardware and system, there are other ways to attain sustainable lodging. Argyll Hotel, a small hotel in Iona, the United Kingdom also brings the sustainable idea into the dining experience. The hotel have had an established organic garden that has been producing delicious fruits and vegetables for over 200 years. Gardeners and chefs work in close collaboration to decide what is planted.

When it is not the growing season (i.e. November to April), the hotel will source the ingredients as locally as possible to reduce the footprint, including vegetables, shell fish, sustainably caught fish, lamb, hogget and organic dairy, cheese and eggs to serve the guest. [4]


Paloma hotel in Turkey also employ the eco-agricultural idea into the daily operation. They hold and spread the principles of sustainable consumption through including a miniature farm in the resort area. Guests are able to collect the fruits at the different seasons, at harvest time and eat some. The hotel will use those farm products in their restaurant. [5]


Do you surprised by how being sustainable can benefit the hotels? Sustainability is not as hard as it seems to be, it is an integral part of our daily lives. We just need to make one step ahead to make a difference.


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