Latest trends and development about hotel business

Hotels have been trying to further develop or inject innovative ideas into their services as to give customers fresh experience. Below are some of the examples.


Guests usually put security on their top agenda when they stay at hotel. Due to the technological advancement, some hotels incorporate some technology into the security system so as to ensure the safety of the guests.

  • NFC door lock

It allows guests with cell phone with “New Field communication”, which enables phone users bypass check in and unlock rooms using their smart phone. In fact, NFC is a short range wireless connectively 2 ways communication between electronic devices on the day of arrival, the system will text the cell phone with a room number, encrypted room key and GPS location

Example: Aria hotel in Las Vegas, Hilton, Starwood

  • Biometrics security door lock key

Fingerprint biometrics is more convenient with the use of face scan and retina detection. Besides, due to the uniqueness of the fingerprint, guests are no longer to worry about security issue.

images (1)

Example: Caesars Palace in Las Vegas

The incorporation of different system in a hotel locking system is able to provide guests highest level of safety and security level.

Communications – Free Wi-Fi


According to a recent survey done by in 2015, free Wi-Fi is still the most deciding factor when customers choose their hotels. It is described as the ‘king’ of the top hotel amenities list, for both business and leisure travellers. Among the thousands hotel customers surveyed, 49%, nearly half of business travellers chose ‘Free Wi-Fi’ as the top priority for consideration, with 25% of leisure travellers having the same thought. conducts hotel amenities surveys on a yearly basis, and this ‘king’ has been staying at the top position over the years. Instead of paying for the Wi-Fi service at reception, there is a growing trend that customers expect unlimited access to a fast Internet provider, with the cost included in the price of their rooms.

Green hotels

Green hotel refer to hotels that can strive to be more environmental friendly through the efficient use of energy, water and materials which providing quality services. As everyone knows, the trend of protecting environment is inevitable. Some notable examples in Hong Kong are InterContinental Hong Kong, Nikko Hotel Hong Kong, and Hotel Icon. Let’s see what happens.

  • Design of the hotel
    • To create an airy space through the property
    • To maximize the use of natural light throughout the property
  • Reducing waste
    • To source furniture made from reclaimed wood and donating old furniture to charity
    • To recycle everything that can be recycled, for example, conveying food waste into fertilizer
    • To practice just-in-time strategy when sourcing
    • To transfer some leftover from the restaurant to staff restaurant
  • Saving Water
    • To ensure low-flow toilets and shower heads
    • To collect rain water in buckets which can be used to water plants around the hotel
  • Saving energy
    • To replace traditional light bulbs with halogen or LED ones
    • To replace the old electrical appliances like dishwashers, microwaves and washing machines with newer energy-efficient ones
    • To wash linen on colder, more economical cycles

Green hotel has become a popular trend in the past couple of years all over the world. It not only can save resources and money in operating a hotel, but also can enhance the reputation among some guests, especially for the environmentalist. In return, it can bring much more benefit to that hotel business, as it is easier to market.

More emphasis on customers’ health and wellness


With an increasing awareness on health these days, customers not only want a place to stay overnight, but also an opportunity for them to reduce stress and improve health. Air purification rooms are becoming more common. Hotels start to install air-purifying systems in a percentage of guestrooms and sell them for a premium. The initial results show that customers with allergies and asthma are able to breathe more easily, thus willing to pay for this service. Some hotels will even invest in the room lighting system to help customers get over jet lag with a healthy circadian rhythm.



Offering healthy food options are also ways companies think of. Recently, there is a test pilot done by the Chicago Marriott O’Hare, in partnership with Farmer’s Fridge, to provide a healthy vending machine. The machine is filled with kale, quinoa, Greek yogurt, berries and locally sourced honey, with an aim to reduce customers’ consumption on soda, candy bars and ice cream. On-site gyms? Yoga classes? They are just the start of this trend!


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